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Annie Rose combines Blues, Gospel, a touch of Jazz and lots of Rock into a clean commercial act that promises to be enjoyed by adult  contemporary audiences.

Annie Rose has a history of reviewing great American female artists through the last eight years.  From Koko Taylor, Susan Tedeschi and Bonnie Raitt, through Janis Joplin, Alannis Morrisett, Natilie Imbruglia, Led Zeppelin, AC-DC and many many more.

Annie Rose is a tough take charge woman that is cutting her name across the history books of mid-western music.  With a voice that demands the attention of any audience Annie Rose has been turning heads from Iowa to the upper peninsula of Michigan since 2000.  Based out of Green Bay, Annie Rose continues to set the trend for local and regional female artists.


Annie Rose at Bayfest 2003
Front page of the Press Gassett Green Bay
With three CD’s of her own and a history of eight years on the road, Annie Rose has been often referred to as “Green Bay's best kept secret“.

Annie Rose met associate and producer Bruce Parrott seven yeas ago on stage.  "She said she could sing better than me so I asked her to come up and she did...she was right.  That's when we decided to put together a kick ass band.  I knew just what to do when I met her.” Parrott explained, “She loves the crowd, she loves the attention, she's hard working and can sing her ass off, those are the things good entertainers are made of."

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Many new faces have emerged in the halls of The Annie Rose Band. Throughout the years people have come and gone as like anything in life; we all eventually move on.  The Annie Rose Band has consistently maintained a quality in musicianship and strives to improve upon the show.

John Greene is playing guitar now and what a Hendrics show he puts on.

Mike Donovan and Andy Paulin have joined up with us to help on bass guitar, we're excited about the new line up and you'll be seeing them in the very near future.

[Rainbow from an ocean pearl, voice of deepest blue.]
Denny Hammerton