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Born in Providence Rhode Island Bruce Parrott played in the southern New England area from the mid 60's through the early 90's.  Colleges, Bars, restaurants, hotels and concerts performing at different venues with the Paul Borrelli Orchestra, the Ralph Stuart Orchestra, Fair Exchange, Shakey Legs, The Coasters, The Swing, Strike, I'm sure there were many others.





Shakey Legs Band '73 Boston

He attended Roger Williams University where he studied Jazz, Ear Training, Musical Theory and Appreciation, and the History of Musical Forms.  He attended seminars at Berklee school of music often and recorded two of his songs "Take me back" and "Evil inside" at Studio (A) Berklee School of Music.

Shakey Legs and their Paramount album in '71 which was listed right above Billy Joel in the charts for a while.

Bruce Parrott played different instruments as his career progressed throughout the years.  A drummer at heart but for many of the earlier years, it was typical to see him playing keyboards and or guitar in most of his projects.







The Swing






My friend Glenn Fracassa a professional photographer took the photos of the band and made a layout for us which we all agreed was good enough for the band photo.

Fair Exchange




Bruce started a solo career in the mid 80's.  While pioneering the midi technology that spawned during that era, a new door was opened where he could combine all his talents into one act he called Keyboard Logic.  Bruce Parrott believed that most musicians who consider seriously enough a life time career step, create a solo performance at one point or another.

Becoming tired of electronic and digital drums and bored with certain aspects of commercial music during the 80's and 90's in Southern New England Bruce dropped out of the scene combining efforts with friends and started writing in his studio for two years.

Keyboard Logic

Bruce Parrott headed for Chicago in the late 90's and ended up in northern Wisconsin.  He started playing drums again and met up with the Blues Blasters playing cry in your beer blues in local bars.  He met up with Annie Rose and decided to produce her as a local artist and is now playing drums in the band.  They also operate a studio called Blue World in Green Bay where they produce and write music there across the street from Lambeau field.

Shakylegs band `73 With The Coasters in Hartford Conneticut

 This is Teddy Harper singing "My Way" by Frank Sinatr